About Our Owner

David Hemmer began in theater, radio, video and television at a very early age both as talent and as a technician. After studying digital production techniques in college at the Art Institute of Seattle, he began integrating his work in media with internet technologies and went on to become the first person to own and install streaming media servers in Oregon. It was this experience that set the tone for the services offered through Hemmer Media.

After dabbling in the film industry for a while, in the 90's David began working in the music industry with a fervor as a video director and videographer for concert and entertainment tours for local and national runs. His credits in video include working with such names as B.B. King, Creed, Boyz II Men, Ivan Neville, The 5th Dimension, Peter, Paul & Mary, Collective Soul and The Fabulous Wailers.

In 2002, after starting a family, David came home from touring and began working again in mixing modern media, with internet technologies believing as he did since 1994 that the internet was going to revolutionize everything we know about how content gets to people and the way people interact with it. Fast forward to now, David has combined his contacts in the entertainment industry with his contacts in technologies and printing to create Hemmer Media Productions.

David has a passion for all things media, finding new ways to look at things and new things to learn everyday. He feels that the minute you stop learning new things to do and new ways to do things, is the minute life stops. It's this passion that he brings to you.

Web Hosting & Site Design

ProNetworks Northwest provides high quality, reliable and feature packed web hosting solutions for our customers. We pair this with a team of highly creative internet media artists and technicians to develop high-impact presences.

Custom Printing & Apparel

Hemmer Media: Impressions is our marketing and apparel printing group. From custom printed t-shirts to printed or vinyl signage for your business, we can get the word out for you

Check out raidthis.com to see some of our novelties printing.

Audio & Video Production

If audio or video production is what you need it is our specialty.

From live event services to studio or location production, we have what you need. From corporate events, to concerts, to weddings/special occasions, we can handle however big or small of an event that you need.